Thursday, May 18, 2017

Shocking, Fascinating or Merely Interesting

So much to read and so little time....

Special nuggets are often buried in long or longish news or op-ed pieces that we do not have the time to savor. I plan to use this space to share some of those treasures you might have overlooked.

My focus is on news as it affects us as Jews. That may be about our condition here in the U.S. or abroad. It may concern Israel or issues that as Jews must be high on our moral agenda.

I will provide all sources so that you may explore any issue further.

Item #1 Buried in the middle of today's NY Times op ed piece by Ronen Bergman, titled "What Trump Threatened in Israel" is the following shocker:

"The report of the presidential leak was greeted with anger, but not with great surprise. At a meeting between American and Israeli intelligence officials a few weeks before Mr. Trump's inauguration, the Americans recommended to the Israelis that they refrain from passing to his White House sensitive secret information, or material that could lead to the baring of sources or methods of intelligence gathering--at least until it became clear that the Trump team was not linked inappropriately to the Russians or exposed to extortion by Moscow. An Israeli who took part in that meeting told me if was 'a bizarre scene".

Shocking! American intelligence warned Israelis not to share sensitive information for fear that the new administration might be traitors in sharing that info with the Russians! This is not fake news...

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  1. We finally have the corrupt government the paranoid and delusional claimed we have had all along. Ironically those are the very people who helped elect this person. Now we're all living the third world experience first hand. Let's hope there *is* a 2020 election so we can rectify the "mistake". It's not just Trump that I'm worried about. The NYTs has written in recent days about the bizarre appointments being made to important posts in agencies that control the environment and health and human services. We're being setup for something, I can't quite get my hands around what it is, but I'm thinking I won't be happy by the time I figure it out.